We believe the world’s greatest challenges will be solved by people working together in new ways.

About the Book

Best-seller, THE AWAKENED COMPANY, offers practical insights designed to take business to a new and awakened level through the merging of wisdom traditions with the best practices in business.

THE AWAKENED COMPANY comes at a pivotal moment in the evolution of the modern business world.

Fed by a drive for “more,” for decades a select class of investors in mercenary enterprises has increasingly used its clout to defang regulations and aggressively engage in high-risk activity.

Far from being a one-off caused by a particular sector of the market, the financial meltdown of 2008, which brought the world’s most powerful economies to the brink of a narrowly-averted global depression, was a huge cry for help from a business model that’s so very evidently failing.

Following an era defined by a philosophy of profit first and growth at all costs, we are slowly awakening to the realization that the profit model is no longer sustainable. Businesses need to turn a profit, but more and more of us are realizing that when we value the bottom line above people, society, and the planet, disastrous results follow.

Thankfully, we are discovering that corporate culture is malleable, which means it can be developed and, when necessary, transformed. We have entered an era when a wholesale transformation of the way companies operate is imperative if we are to avoid a repeat of the 2008 crisis…this time with the total collapse of our economies.

As awareness of a need for change gains momentum, it’s becoming clear that the world of tomorrow will no longer reward businesses that put profit ahead of those who produce this profit, let alone the wider community that breathes life into all commercial enterprises. As a consequence, in the shadow of the rampant greed and corruption that had such a devastating effect on economies planet-wide, a profound shift is now underway.

Beneath the rubble of collapsing businesses, communities, and families—all suffering the side effects of the established economic paradigm—no small number of companies are finding their way out of this chaotic and unpredictable mode of operating. Indeed, some of the foremost big-name corporate enterprises have been taking a hard look at themselves and in the process discovering a truer calling.

In THE AWAKENED COMPANY, we lay out a path for the transformation of the whole of corporate culture—the path already being taken by a growing number of increasingly successful companies. Reinventing themselves from lessons learned, these companies draw on methods and approaches from various philosophical perspectives and wisdom traditions to positively influence corporate culture.

THE AWAKENED COMPANY is an invitation to learn from these wisdom makers, academics, private equity builders, breakthrough renewable energy companies (even some traditional energy companies), entrepreneurs, and social enterprise that have discovered a mode of doing business that’s not only profitable but that feeds their soul and gives the lives of all concerned meaning. The depth, scope, and practicality of THE AWAKENED COMPANY set it apart from other books on business.

Our fundamental premise is that work can no longer be separated from the rest of life in the way it has been and continues to be for the majority. The metrics for success in business need to change at a fundamental level.

It turns out there’s another way of doing business that benefits businesses, those involved in them, and the planet itself. Contrary to what we have believed, profit, caring for our people and communities, and looking after the Earth aren’t mutually exclusive, but on the contrary feed into and support each other.

When we awaken to this very different paradigm, we discover a purpose for our commercial enterprises that transcends profit alone. Instead of building a business in our own image, which is an incomplete and often distorted impression of who we are, we understand ourselves as part of the entire human enterprise with a unique role to play. Our special talents and acquired skills are seen as gifts to be used for the benefit of all, so that they become our contribution to the evolutionary journey of humanity.

Paradoxically, as we grow in awareness of our connectedness to everyone and everything and identify what we have to contribute, our profits increase and our businesses become sustainable.

To awaken is to become aware that you are connected to everyone and everything on the planet. It’s when you don’t recognize this and consequently feel disconnected that you struggle to find meaning. It’s also why the experience of real fulfillment escapes you.

Join us on this journey of awakening as we become aware of how we are all interconnected, and in the process discover our unique place in the scheme of things. You will be pleasantly surprised to see who’s walking alongside you on this journey of transformation—and even more surprised by how rewarding it is for your own business.