Praise for The Awakened Company

The Awakened Company recognizes the integral power of humane practices within business. Companies driven by noble service to all stakeholders are in the position to elevate our whole world.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of
What gives this book its authenticity and makes it worth reading right now is that Catherine Bell practices what she preaches—with obvious success! As a cofounder of BluEra, Catherine has created a company—no, it’s a community—that has deservedly been recognized as a “best workplace.” In this engaging book, Catherine Bell shares her vision for an “Awakened Company,” one in which all stakeholders can flourish.

Julian Barling
PhD, FRSC, Borden Chair of Leadership, Queen’s School of Business
In a world of economic uncertainty, The Awakened Company gives a roadmap to a new way of doing business — a way that is humane, fosters innovation, and meets the needs of All stakeholders, including Mother Earth.

Tony Robbins
New York Times #1 Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist
The Awakened Company is a thought-provoking read that changed my opinion on office culture and leadership best practices. It should be required reading for all current and future leaders, as only awakening leaders will change our world for the better.

Julia Salem
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing, The Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants
If you believe it’s time for a change in how humans do business, you’ll want to read this book. The Awakened Company brings timeless wisdom to a modern business audience in a practical way. With clear examples and well-researched principles, it guides us as leaders into the understanding that it’s possible to have both meaning and profitability in our workplaces. Highly recommended!

Paul Zelizer
cofounder of Wisdompreneurs and business coach for wisdom based entrepreneurs.
The Awakened Company is a call to action, an invitation to join the ranks of progressive, inspired organizations that recognize the profound opportunity to impact humanity with a new way of doing business. Let this book inspire you to move beyond ‘business as usual’ to a thriving culture that values people, revolutionary ideas, evolutionary leadership, *and* the bottom line!

Cheryl Richardson
author of the New York Times bestselling book, Take Time for Your Life
I started reading The Awakened Company, expecting it would be as many business books, but it isn’t…. this is different and I had to start over. The book is written in a nonlinear way, my understanding of the book awakens just as the companies it describes awakens, I like it.

Erik Kaae
COO EG A/S and formerly SMS & P Director, for Denmark and Iceland of Microsoft Denmark
The Awakened Company provides hope and guidance for how we can overcome habitual, unhealthy behaviors at work and wake up to a new way of working that enables us and our organizations to realize more of our potential. It’s a gift to anyone who recognizes that the way many people work today isn’t working. Many of today’s work environments drain people’s energy, creativity, health, and happiness. The Awakened Company provides countless examples of individuals who have created corporate cultures that promote well-being, fun, and a broader definition of success.

Jacqueline Carter
International Partner and Director North America for The Potential Project, a leading global provider of corporate based mindfulness training
A great read that cuts to the core of how we think about achieving success, and for whom. I applaud Catherine’s courage for calling us all out to contemplate a fundamentally different way of being and doing.

Elspeth Murray
Associate Dean MBA and Masters Programs
CIBC Fellow in Entrepreneurship
Director, Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing
Queen’s School of Business
In The Awakened Company, Catherine Bell provides the best roadmap I have found to transform yourself—and your business—into a real 21st century enterprise. Because if we don’t all start effectively mining our inner resources, there may not be enough financial or physical resources to maintain our civilization. The time has come for all of us to turn what we have into what we need, and this book can get you there.

Lee David Zlotoff
Creator of MacGyver
The Awakened Company represents a natural evolution in the corporate world, and yet at the same time it’s revolutionary. When organizations implement the approach this wise book advocates, not only are the organizations themselves transformed but also the lives of the individuals who work in them, along with each of the broader relationships associated with these organizations. Based on time-tested practices and deep insight into how an organization functions best, The Awakened Company especially highlights the particular kind of energy needed at this moment throughout the entire corporate enterprise. This is a must-read for those of us in the organization world.

David Daniels, M.D.
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University and Enneagram pioneer
The Awakened Company effectively connects some of the best thinking in executive coaching, corporate social responsibility, interconnected economic matrices, and individual consciousness. The book is a very accessible resource for individuals and corporations.

Linda Parsons, QC
Executive coach
This is a terrific guide for anyone who has wondered how to be successful in business with real-life examples that are inspirational and instructional. In the words of Sir John Templeton: always start out to give more than is expected from you, to treat the other person more fairly, and that is the secret of success. I loved Catherine’s advice that we all need to think about what our respective companies are currently contributing to-and what they potentially could be as a powerful and much-needed force for change. I started my company 20 years ago with the belief that companies can be a force for social change and that mine was going to be one of them!

Pamela Jeffery
Women’s Executive Network
Catherine has put her heart and soul, as well as her inspired, strategic mind, into this spectacular book that sets both the context and the rationale for why conscious and awakened leaders and organizations are a necessity if we are all going to survive and thrive in our new global environment. Interweaving business-based principles, state-of-the art research, quotes from business leaders and visionary thinkers, and concrete real-life examples with mindfulness, the Enneagram, yoga, and more, the book reads as smoothly as fine poetry in prose form. I will be “gifting” this book to all my clients who are or aspire to be transformative leaders.

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD
Organizational consultant and author of Bringing Out the Best in Yourself at Work, What Type of Leader Are You?, Bringing Out the Best in Everyone You Coach, and The Enneagram Development Guide
The awakened leader is transforming the workplace for future generations NOW Catherine Bell and her team show you what these leaders are already doing, and how you can do it too!

Robert Holden, PhD
Creator of Success Intelligence Ltd, author of Authentic Success
Catherine Bell has lots of refreshing and highly needed perspectives in her book The Awakened Company. This is what we all need to do, like it or not: wake up. There are so many challenges we need to solve as businesses in the new era. Catherine helps us with the how. And her suggestions work: Her own award-winning company is a testimony. Just read the book.

Kirsten Stendevad
Bestselling Scandinavian Author and Mentor on Cutting-edge Leadership
Sometimes there is a rare moment in publishing when you hear about a forthcoming book and have to pause to appreciate the difference it is going to make. I had such a moment when I heard that Catherine Bell was writing The Awakened Company. One of the biggest questions for the evolution of the human race is, “How can we impact big businesses so that they operate with more awareness?’” This book skilfully and intelligently addresses this question, leading corporations to operate from within a socially responsible, awakened economy. Every business leader, whether heading up a corporation or a smaller company, should definitely read this book.

Sasha Allenby
author of Write an Evolutionary Self-Help Book: The Definitive Guide for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and CEO of Wisdompreneurs Publishing
While an important roadmap for established companies, The Awakened Company is vital reading for the entrepreneur and startup. Entrepreneurs often operate in “high-stress” and “high-impact” environments that can lead to myopic, ego attached states where personal vision becomes central and creativity, collaboration, and brainstorming get shut down. Mindfulness, compassion, and trust are generally not the benchmark virtues we attribute to capitalism and the corporate world. Yet, Catherine R. Bell, through extensive research and interviews with leading “awakened executives” practicing “conscious capitalism” proves that these three virtues, when practiced individually lead to high performing companies and employees that excel, are engaged, and satisfied. Catherine articulates how, “Becoming a self-aware human being is the foundation for success in any business.” That “Each team member’s growing ability to observe themselves makes the company as a whole better at learning, spotting trends, keeping abreast of what’s going on in their industry and community, and adapting to current situations.” Catherine explains how attention to the inner self and self observation unfolds in an intricate matrix which dissolves the mantra of “business is business” and brings awareness that business is actually “interwoven with the whole of life” and that companies are, at their core, “human communities.” An awakened entrepreneur, a wise entrepreneur (or wisdomentreprenuer), has the ability to instill these practices at ground zero and inoculating businesses with a higher purpose that aligns work and personal values. The result is an awakened company, awakened executives, awakened employees where profit is an offshoot of loving the work we do and doing the work we love.

Alison Raby
Co-Founder/Chief Alchemist Wisdompreneurs
Founder/CEO Mariposa Search
Founder/CEO/Evangelist LifeBeforeDeath