Creativity often gets shut down when we are evaluating our work before it has even had a chance to develop. At the same time, there is a real necessity to have rigor, discipline, and a willingness to stretch beyond our comfort zone if we are really going to create something worthwhile. We don’t simply wait to “feel like it.” We know that living certain ways, conducting ourselves in certain ways, makes it more likely that inspiration will strike. We become skilful at this but we can also do so to the point of rigidity which tends to strangle our best ideas and impulses. So how do we experience the higher and lower levels of One energy as we take on creative projects and explorations? We will look at some examples of One energy in music, film, and visual art, and consider the ways that One energy opens us to inspiration or shuts down our process in self-criticism. 

After the 60 minute talk, there will be approximately 30 minutes for question and answer.


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