To have creativity in our life in any real way requires a certain warrior mentality. We need boundaries. We need time. We need to arrange our creativity so that it works in the totality of our life—there are many things to consider. When Six energy is flowing, we do this masterfully. We know how to create the necessary support for our creative ideas to come to fruition in the world. We also feel a confidence that this is possible and totally worth it! And because we are doing our creativity in the midst of a real life, we have a handle on how our work can best communicate to others and touch their hearts. When we are out of touch with the higher aspects of Six, our lives feel hopelessly busy and complicated—perhaps so much so that we feel there is no time or space to pursue what really calls us. We can get cynical about the whole idea and possibly resentful of others who seem to have been “lucky” in this regard. It is a painful thing to give up on our creative impulses, yet so many of us do. So how do we can back to that clear-minded approach to making our life and creativity work? We will look at some examples of Six energy in music, film, and visual art, and consider the ways that Six energy can help us assemble the people, resources, and conditions needed to bring forth our vision, or leave us simply “coping” with life and giving up on our dreams. 

After the 60 minute talk, there will be approximately 30 minutes for question and answer.


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