It is striking how many of the metaphors of creativity have to do with elegant transportation—sailing of flying for example. There is a way that creativity is a ticket out of our usual concerns, and even out of our usual sense of self. It is a radical opening and participation in forces beyond our usual awareness. A degree of positive intent, optimism, and willingness to encounter something totally new, are some of point Seven’s major contributions to creativity. Seven also represents the willingness to “colour outside the lines”—to cross into different media or creative disciplines and to synthesize them in new and unexpected ways. The improvisational element of creativity is made explicit in point Seven, and we will see how this is part of creative processes that we might not initially see as improvisational. Of course the downside here is getting scattered with too many ideas and possibilities and not giving oneself the time and patience needed to bring any of them to full fruition. (Not every idea is inspired or worth pursuing.) We will look at some examples of Seven energy in music, film, and visual art, and consider the ways that Seven energy can help us trust the more spontaneous elements of our consciousness or squander our creativity in impulsiveness and impatience.

After the 60 minute talk, there will be approximately 30 minutes for question and answer.


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