When I was a musician, my fellow musicians had many ways of describing being relaxed into a creative flow: “being in the pocket,” “feeling the groove,” etc. There are ways performing artists and other artists no when they can relax and allow creativity to happen. A certain degree of patience is needed for this, but also an active attention. We learn that beautiful balance between a sharp, focused awareness, and a relaxed and receptive orientation. Too much of one and we are overly self-conscious and shy about our work. Too much of the other and we find ourselves in creative ruts. Here we find the different ways that Nine energy plays itself out in creativity. We will look at some examples of Nine energy in music, film, and visual art, and consider the ways that Nine energy supports or shuts down our openness to inspiration.

After the 60 minute talk, there will be approximately 30 minutes for question and answer. 


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