While many have considered the Enneagram a great tool for relationships and for psychological and spiritual growth,  few know that it is also a tremendous help for creativity. Whether we are beginners in our creative work or highly experienced, there are ways of opening up our creative channels more consistently. We can learn how to get started more easily, and we can learn to contend with long-term challenges and blocks to our creativity.

To this end, we are launching our Enneagram and Creativity Series with Russ Hudson hosted by Catherine Bell with a free bonus session on June 18th at 12 pm EST. 

We will be using the Enneagram to explore many aspects of the creative process–everything from artistic expression to the challenges of innovation and design. We will learn about some of the creative wellsprings inside all of us as well as the psychological tendencies that block our access to those sources of inspiration. What are the ways we best get in touch with the flow of creativity as well as the ways we shut down or sabotage our creative process? Whether we are working to create art, or a business, or an amazing meal, these questions impact our capacity to succeed in these endeavors.


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