Green Room – Interview Registration

Cost US$50 + GST

Thank you for entering and applying to be part of The Green Room.

Once you register and pay, we will be in touch to set up an interview time.  The interview will be about 20 -30 minutes in length.

The Green Room is a longer exploration of some of the significant threads of practice and teaching behind the Enneagram as well as the broader perspective of the Hermetic Tradition. It will focus on elements of the Western Spiritual path but will of course also be informed by teachings from Buddhism, Advaita, and other Eastern perspectives. We intend to work together for a longer, continuous journey to create a community of greater awareness and compassion.  And as a Fourth Way teaching, we aim at supporting all participants in living live of deeper presence and heart in our daily lives—with family, with work, and with the broader world. We will work with different streams of teaching, each with its own intent and “atmosphere,” with the sense of them weaving together such that the inner, the outer, and the secret become One.  We will work toward the awakening and integration of the centers to empower a love-centered life in our busy and complex world. We will experientially explore the paradoxes through which we will learn to live and work and function from that which is the deepest part of our human experience.


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