A presentation by Erlina Edwards, Sandra Smith, and Cyndi Gueswel for the IEA Global Conference 2023.
July 20-23, 2023 in San Francisco, California, USA.

This innovative hybrid workshop, facilitated by three Narrative Tradition teachers, will explore the role of our Enneagram type in how we other.

Othering is an act of exclusion. When we other, we reject part of ourselves or certain people. Othering is a turning away from or a denying that diminishes our lives, relationships, and our culture. During our time together we’ll explore how our type’s “sub-vice,”the vice of our security point, dances with our vice to create dualistic narratives and drive behaviors that move us into realms of othering. The role of the sub-vice isn’t well known. When revealed, the insights we glean open a path to soften our engagement in othering. Our type’s ego ideal and defense mechanism play a key role in maintaining patterns of dualistic thinking that engenders othering. Understanding how and when this dynamic is operating can lead us on the path toward acceptance of our rejected parts and to see the beauty of diversity. Additionally, we’ll consider how our inner resources support us in dissolving othering and move us toward individual and collective wholeness.

Our time together will include dyad and triad inquiry, type group discussion, teachings, and self-reflection.


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