The Awakened Company recognizes the integral power of humane practices within business. Companies driven by noble service to all stakeholders are in the position to elevate our whole world.

Tony Hsieh, CEO of

What gives this book its authenticity and makes it worth reading right now is that Catherine Bell practices what she preaches—with obvious success! As a cofounder of BluEra, Catherine has created a company—no, it’s a community—that has deservedly been recognized as a “best workplace.” In this engaging book, Catherine Bell shares her vision for an “Awakened Company,” one in which all stakeholders can flourish.

Julian Barling, PhD, Professor, Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

In a world of economic uncertainty, The Awakened Company gives a roadmap to a new way of doing business — a way that is humane, fosters innovation, and meets the needs of All stakeholders, including Mother Earth.

Tony Robbins, NY Times #1 Best-Selling Author

The Awakened Company is a thought-provoking read that changed my opinion on office culture and leadership best practices. It should be required reading for all current and future leaders, as only awakening leaders will change our world for the better.

Julia Salem, AESC

If you believe it’s time for a change in how humans do business, you’ll want to read this book. The Awakened Company brings timeless wisdom to a modern business audience in a practical way. With clear examples and well-researched principles, it guides us as leaders into the understanding that it’s possible to have both meaning and profitability in our workplaces. Highly recommended!

Paul Zelizer, cofounder of Wisdompreneurs

The Awakened Company is a call to action, an invitation to join the ranks of progressive, inspired organizations that recognize the profound opportunity to impact humanity with a new way of doing business. Let this book inspire you to move beyond ‘business as usual’ to a thriving culture that values people, revolutionary ideas, evolutionary leadership, *and* the bottom line!

Cheryl Richardson, NY Times Best-Selling Author

A great read that cuts to the core of how we think about achieving success, and for whom. I applaud Catherine’s courage for calling us all out to contemplate a fundamentally different way of being and doing.

Elspeth Murray, Associate Dean, Smith School of Business at Queen’s University

In The Awakened Company, Catherine Bell provides the best roadmap I have found to transform yourself—and your business—into a real 21st century enterprise. Because if we don’t all start effectively mining our inner resources, there may not be enough financial or physical resources to maintain our civilization. The time has come for all of us to turn what we have into what we need, and this book can get you there.

Lee David Zlotoff, Creator of MacGyver

The awakened leader is transforming the workplace for future generations NOW Catherine Bell and her team show you what these leaders are already doing, and how you can do it too!

Robert Holden, PhD, Author of 10 Best-Selling books

Catherine Bell has lots of refreshing and highly needed perspectives in her book The Awakened Company. This is what we all need to do, like it or not: wake up. There are so many challenges we need to solve as businesses in the new era. Catherine helps us with the how. And her suggestions work: Her own award-winning company is a testimony. Just read the book.

Kirsten Stendevad, Best-Selling Scandinavian Author

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The Awakened Company is a book is for every organizational leader.

Joel Solomon, President of Renewal Partners & Chairman of Renewal Funds

Best Leadership Books of 2015

Centre for Executive Excellence

#1 best-seller - non-fiction

Calgary Herald

Best-seller, non-fiction

An awakened company is one that's moved from 'me' to 'we'. We recommend The Awakened Company by Catherine Bell!

Corporate Consciousness

The Awakened Company is a 2015 Silver Award Recipient of the Nautilus Book Awards in the Business & Leadership category as a book of exceptional merit.

Nautilus Book Awards

A must-read for anyone looking to get started in social entrepreneurship.

Conscious Company Magazine
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Let your brilliance shine – ignite the true power in your organization

The revolutionary corporate model advocated in THE AWAKENED COMPANY is energized by proven business practices of outstanding corporate leaders and leading business researchers, as well as infused with perennial insights from the world’s wisdom traditions.

This is a vision that top executives are increasingly recognizing is the only viable path into tomorrow. It’s an evolutionary approach to business that’s not only benefiting companies today but that will carry us far into the future securely and prosperously.

In contrast to the often wayward and frequently ineffective practices that allow companies to soar for a time, then lose their way and go into decline, and all-too-often bankruptcy, the corporate model advocated in THE AWAKENED COMPANY is transforming companies large and small on a global scale into sustainable entities. We believe organizations and people working effectively together are THE way to solving some of the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges.  We believe in breaking free from the status quo and tuning into joy at work, and what is real.

Welcome to the corporate world of tomorrow



When you first meet Catherine Bell, you are immediately struck by her upbeat and energetic demeanor. With an aliveness mirrored in the sparkle in her eyes and her effusively welcoming smile, her dynamic personality radiates a combination of warmth and intensity of purpose.

You know right away you are meeting a game changer to be reckoned with. Her magnetism and ability to connect with you instantly make you feel simultaneously at home and, in a way you can’t quite put your finger on, dangerously at sea.

Fired with deep caring for the corporate world, all who work in it, the communities in which companies function and the clientele they serve, along with the planet whose resources fuel it, Catherine is at the forefront of a revolution that’s taking top companies by storm.

Setting you at ease as she effortlessly engages you, it takes little time for this woman who is intent on defining the future to shift the conversation to her passion. You quickly realize you’re talking with a powerhouse on a mission.

Catherine is one of the key shapers of a global movement whose goal is nothing less than to evolve our currently accepted but unsustainable business practices in a manner that will carry us safely into the future—a future in which wars fought over resources, poverty, hunger, and squalor ultimately become mere ghosts from the past.

Determined that ours should become a world in which all enjoy a satisfying work experience and fulfilling lives, Catherine with her collaborators wrote THE AWAKENED COMPANY to lay out a far-reaching vision that not only gives us a viable model for the future of business, but that’s already bringing increased prosperity to major corporations and small businesses alike.

Simultaneously, this approach is reigniting the enthusiasm, awakening the creativity, and garnering the commitment of people at every level in the companies already utilizing it.

An outstanding international presenter sought after by both business leaders and the executives of nonprofits, as well as to address and lead seminars for top business schools, Catherine exudes a forthrightness backed by unflinching courage. You soon realize this is someone who not only knows what she’s talking about but who has behind her a wealth of personal in-depth experience of the corporate world. As cofounder of BluEra, an award-winning consulting firm specializing in executive search, leadership development, and the nurturing of high-performance teams, she embodies the transformation THE AWAKENED COMPANY is spearheading.

Both in THE AWAKENED COMPANY, in her presentations, and in her personal connections, Catherine’s clarity, succinctness, edginess tempered with compassion, and brutal honesty combined with her wacky sense of humor mark her as one of the outstanding presenters of our time.