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We are a global consulting firm focused on igniting passion, purpose and engagement, so your organization can flourish. We are entrepreneurs with successful track records in building companies using the Awakened Company System. We provide strategy (with soul) generation and execution support, individual coaching on personal visions and missions, business relationship coaching, keynotes, playshops and Enneagram consulting and courses. Our aim is to awaken you, your relationships, and your organizations.

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We Can Help You Flourish

An Awakened Company is…


Energizing is drive, vision, direction, energy initiating, goal focus, and assertive.


Sustaining is structure, flow, holding to standards, being organized, care, connectedness, values, accountability, responsibility, and having a support system.


Regenerating is looking at the bigger picture, creating space, allowing time for creative process, and engaging in introspection.

Measurable Results

Corporate Culture

Improved corporate culture. We will help you be deliberate in the creation, change or reinforcement of your culture, how to measure the health and improve your culture to create and sustain competitive advantage.


Increased employee retention. Higher engagement and a strong corporate culture will not only improve retention, it will help you attract the best people for your organization.

Financial Results

Improved financial results – best in class results. With the proper emphasis on corporate culture and financial metrics, hiring and retaining the best people who are passionate about your common vision, we will help you set the right environment for outstanding results.


Improved communication within the company. We will help your team engage in courageous discussions, improve 1:1 relationships and team performance, making your organization high performing and joyous to work for.

Our Program

Our System

Step 1:

We meet with you to discuss the challenges your organization is facing and work with you to conduct our Organizational Health Assessment. We will sit down with you to go through the results and discuss areas of strength and potential areas for improvement for us to focus on. Based on this, we will recommend: (a) a Keynote address, followed by a workshop (which we call a Playshop) or (b) an Awakened Strategy (with soul) Tune Up or Reset session followed by (a).

Step 2:

Working closely with you, we will design and deliver our Keynote, Playshop and Strategy (with soul) Session to you, based on our Awakened Company System:

  • Outcomes of the Strategy (with soul) Session: greater clarity on the purpose and direction of your organization and by-in from your team.
  • Outcomes of the Keynote and Playshop: a Team Development & Individual Relationship Plan with specific, trackable behaviours.

Step 3:

After a period of time (6 months-1 year), we will conduct our Organization Health Assessment again to measure improvements in your: company’s and team’s performance, individual relationships and individual development & performance.

Step 4:

After seeing measurable improvement to the company, team and individual, we work with you to develop ongoing team and individual programs for continued growth and improvement.

6 Key Areas of Our Program

Our Program is energized by proven business practices of outstanding corporate leaders and leading business researchers, and infused with perennial insights from the world’s wisdom traditions.  We will work with you to develop a bespoke program to meet you and your team’s needs.


Catherine shows leaders how to use their heads, hearts, and hands to awaken a new and better way of working together. While the recommendations are counter-intuitive, the results are both practical and deeply impactful. Audiences will leave with the ability to act on three important aspects of their experience and maximize their potential. The result will be industry-leading productivity, innovation, collaboration, communication, and job satisfaction. Customized to clients’ needs, Catherine’s presentations are high impact, content rich conference experiences and keynote speeches.

3-Day Playshops

Our Playshops are deeply impactful, real, and joyous, leaving individuals, relationships, and teams with key actionable takeaways.

Our three-day Playshops focus on the following key attributes of an Awakened Company:

  1. Leadership Awakening – self-awareness and self-development.
  2. Awakening Relationships – improving one:one relationships within organizations. Individual Relationship Plans will be created with actionable behaviours that can be tracked over time.
  3. Awakening Team and Organizations – assessing level of health in the organization and creating team development plan with actionable behaviours that can be tracked over time.

Personal & Leadership Development Using the Enneagram

Are you interested in being the best you can be? In leadership development? In personal development? The Enneagram is one of the most powerful development tools of personal and leadership transformation. The Enneagram is a tool that helps awaken us to what is real, to our gifts and work ons. It helps us to become more present and react less from our default. Catherine has over 20 years of experience using the Enneagram with profoundly successful results. She is trained and certified in using and teaching the Enneagram. We offer courses and consulting on the Enneagram.

Year-Long Programs

Comprehensive, intensive playshops and coaching support to transform leadership, culture and organizations. In this program, we use these tools from the Awakened Company System to help you build better leaders, teams and organizations:

  • Awakened Assessment Tool – to determine the overall health of your organization. Assessments will be done at the beginning, middle and end of the program to track and benchmark improvement
  • Strategy (with soul) Session
  • Keynote presentation
  • Playshops – these will be conducted at the beginning of the program and at intervals throughout the year depending upon your needs
  • Coaching – one:one and team coaching in support of your personal, relationship and organizational awakening
  • Team Development Plans
  • Individual Relationships Plans
  • Personal Development Plans

Our Awakened Company System has resulted in higher employee engagement, strong corporate culture, more aware leaders and teams, and improved and sustained results.

Go Further


Our coaches have exceptional business and life experience. Combined with The Awakened Company System, they will provide leadership coaching to transform your leadership, culture and organization. Our coaches work one:one and with teams to help build Awakened Companies that perform better and more sustainably. We work with you to develop the right coaching program for you and your team.


Whether you think you are on the right track or in need of a tune-up, we work with you and your leadership team to review and improve your strategic plan. Working with concepts from The Awakened Company and our hands-on, proven experience in strategic planning, we will work with you and your team to build  a strong and successful strategy that is sustainable and awakened. Outcomes of the Strategy Session: greater clarity on the purpose and direction of your organization and by-in from your team.

Interested in bringing the

Awakened Company to your team?

Not Sure?

Try the Awakened Assessment Tool

The Awakened Company Certification

The Awakened Company certification merges business research, wisdom traditions, and practical know how for business leaders and coaches to apply to their and their clients organizations.

In this 10-month immersion program, you (business owners, executives, not for profit leaders, coaches) will come together to learn the awakened company process to help your organization or the organization you work with thrive.

The Awakened Company process brings humanity back into the work place and will help you stay ahead of the curve in three domains: Individual Awakening, Relationships Awakening, Team Awakening.

At the conclusion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion from The Awakened Company.

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