Awakening the

Are you interested in the being the best you can be? In Leadership Development? In Personal Development? Book courses and learn about the Enneagram in the Awakened Company System.

Many people are ASLEEP at home, work, and play.

The Enneagram is a tool that helps to wake us up to what is real and to our gifts and work ons.

…It helps us to become more present and react less from our “default” perspective. 

The Enneagram is a profound personality roadmap.

There are 9
essential Types:










No Type is better than the other…

They each have specific qualities associated with them and everyone is one dominant type.
Which Type are you?

Courses & Consulting on the Enneagram

Catherine has over 20 years of experience using the Enneagram with profoundly successful results. She is trained and certified in using and teaching the Enneagram.

Catherine has very successfully used the Enneagram both with clients and my own businesses. Successful companies such as: BluEarth Renewables, BluEra, Moodys, and NGC Product Solutions. They have used this tool to better understand themselves, teams they work in, and their corporate culture.

  1. An introduction to the Enneagram
  2. Identifying your Type
  3. What happens to the Types when we are under stress and when we are at our best? 
  4. Enneagram Instincts (social/self preservation/sexual)
  5. Enneagram Triads (Hornevian groups, etc.)
  6. Wings (how the Types adjacent to the Type modify the core Type)
  7. Enneagram and Relationships
  8. Enneagram and Team Performance
  9. Enneagram and Leadership
  10. Enneagram and Parenting


“The Enneagram has helped to shine the light on my inner world.  My strengths as well as my weaknesses have been exposed.  Many of my “flaws” were irrational or illogical.  The Enneagram has given me the strength and courage to forgive myself and accept, embrace and integrate those “flaws” to make me whole.  The Enneagram is my tool to see what it is to be human, so that I may more fully join humanity … peacefully.”

Shawna Guiltner - President & CEO, NGC Product Solutions

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is Riso Hudson Certified in the Enneagram, has a coaching certification from the Enneagram in Business, certified in the TOLAT, studied TriType with Enneagram Explorations, and studied with Dr. David Daniels.  She has taught the Enneagram to hundreds of people and in corporations.  She has an MBA, BA in Sociology, and is a certified yoga instructor.

Catherine Bell has more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur.  She built a top 10 organization in Alberta and top 200 company in Canada, and her organization was awarded a best workplace in Alberta.  She also authored the Nautilus winning and best selling book, The Awakened Company.   She has worked for a broad spectrum of business environments from large international corporations to universities to entrepreneurial organizations.

Her full bio is here.