If It's Broken, Fix It: Why We Need a New Model For Doing Business

Broken? Fix it! Article originally appeared in Women of Influence by Catherine Bell Catherine Bell is the founder of BluEra, an executive search and team transformation company. She’s also the best-selling author of The Awakened Company, a thought-provoking read that explores how treating businesses as communities can transform them for the better. She shares how the idea was born, […]

Happy Coworkers Cheering

“Catherine sees the key to creating the kind of workplace we all would choose for ourselves as being a company culture that makes team self-awareness a primary objective for the work being done. In fact, she recommends selecting people to be hired by vetting candidates for self-awareness ahead of even job skills.” What Would It […]

Checking references might seem like a boring or unpleasant part of filling a position at a conscious company. But as a values-driven leader, your actions matter as much here as they do in all others areas of creating a purpose-driven workplace. To illustrate the point, imagine this scenario: A private equity firm is about to […]

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