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“As you may know, in my youth, I was a professional musician. I also studied acting and frequently got praise for my drawing and painting. Yet I can remember that the actual engagement with the creative process was essentially hit or miss. I wasn’t quite sure how magic happened but did sense that certain orientations and actions definitely helped the process along. Curiosity about this was one of the sparks that led me on my current journey. I still have many of my closest friends involved in the performing arts as well as in the restaurant and service industries and have long felt that much could be done with exploring the Enneagram in creativity. I don’t mean just looking for examples of types in movies or books, or finding songs that fit a certain type—although these are part of it and a good way to learn about the nine points. I am more interested in how each point teaches us something about creativity, as well as some of the blocks and challenges we may encounter along the way. So this new series of courses represents a fresh examination of these questions, and perhaps the beginning of a whole new line of work I hope to pursue. I sense this can be helpful and interesting not just to Enneagram students, but also to people seeking to strengthen their own relationship with their creative process. ” – Russ Hudson


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