A series on leadership using the Enneagram, designed to ignite the fire within you and your organization.

Create what matters most using your gifts and strengths while discovering your blind spots through learning the Enneagram Types. Your blind spots can be the achilles heel that keeps you from developing trust with your team or bringing them into alignment and deep commitment to your goals and objectives.

By discovering the Enneagram, you will be able to explore the Types of the members of your team, what motivates them, what you might say that will trigger, anger, or close-down, and how you can create an environment for them to flourish.

We believe that leadership is not a position, it is a way of being that engages our energy and creativity in ways that ignite others around us. Leadership is a choice and in our complex, fast-paced environments it’s a non-negotiable developmental imperative. Colleagues, bosses, clients, customers, partners, team members and peers are just some of the people who are impacted by our leadership.

We have developed three highly engaging and creative sessions around the Centers of the Enneagram to help you see your own leadership in action and explore your interactions with others. Leading with awareness allows you to continually discover and grow in your personal and professional development.


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