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From Field Dynamics Website Ever felt like your workplace could use a breath of fresh air? Imagine a world where businesses thrive on passion, purpose, and play. Catherine Bell is a successful entrepreneur, business leader and best-selling author. She founded The Awakened Company – based on her book of the same name – which focuses […]

I'm Awake! Now What?

From I Am Awake! Now What?’s Youtube: Catherine discusses her thoughts on conscious leadership in business by sharing with the audience the importance of remembering our role and relatedness. Our role is not our value as a human being. When we work together, we must remember we are connected first through our shared humanity To learn more […]

Free Enneagram History Series | Katherine Fauvre's Interview with Catherine Bell

From Katherine Fauvre’s Youtube: Catherine Bell is Riso Hudson Certified in the Enneagram, has a coaching certification from the Enneagram in Business, certified in the TOLAT, studied Tritype® with Enneagram Explorations, and studied with Dr. David Daniels. She has taught the Enneagram to hundreds of people and in corporations. She has an MBA, BA in […]

Hiring Series

A Comprehensive Guide from a Former Executive Recruiter Recruitment is the backbone of any successful organization, our organizations are mostly about the amazing people in them. It’s not just about filling positions; it’s about finding the right talent that aligns with your company culture, values, vision and missions. In today’s competitive landscape, recruiting top-tier talent […]

Hiring Series

A Comprehensive Guide from a Former Executive Recruiter We have been fielding a lot of questions on how to hire lately and as a result, we have decided to do a blog series inspired by our founder, Catherine Bell’s previous experience as an executive recruiter, where she helped to hire thousands of executives. In this […]

The Empowered Feminine - Knowing your Secret Leadership Key through the Enneagram

Join Shannon and Christine on a chat about environmental wellness with our expert guest Catherine Bell for episode 150 of Women Connected in Wisdom.

Catherine Bell and Russ Hudson - "SupportHER" | Women of Inspiration Podcast

Women of Inspiration™ Podcast – SupportHER™ Series SupportHER Series features conversations between leaders (women and men) as allies paving the way to advance women. The Women of Inspiration™ Podcast is hosted by Monica Kretschmer, CEO, of the Universal Womens Network™. Monica interviews inspiring female entrepreneurs and business leaders from diverse industries who lead, inspire, and […]

Catherine Bell and Russ Hudson - "SupportHER" | Women of Inspiration Podcast

In a surprising twist, Catherine Bell, a successful entrepreneur and business leader, reveals how numerology, astrology, and the Enneagram are shaping the future of leadership and team dynamics. Uncover how these ancient traditions are being woven into modern business practices to enhance self-awareness and nurture genuine relationships. Join in to discover the unexpected connection between […]

Originally posted by Blossom Your Awesome Podcast On Episode #250 of the Blossom Your Awesome Podcast Catherine Bell, author of The Awakened Company, shares her journey and insights on conscious leadership and creating healthy organizational cultures.  She emphasizes the importance of personal and organizational vision, finding purpose, and tapping into one’s inner compass. Catherine also […]

Enneagram and Coffee Podcast | With Sarajane Case Today, we are talking with Catherine Bell – mystic, leader, and poet. Catherine has taught thousands of people The Enneagram and has spent over 20 years helping organizations and individuals find their inner awakenings. Author of the best-selling book ‘The Awakened Company’, she started a corporation to […]

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