In a recent episode of the Talent Empowerment Podcast, host Tom Finn welcomed Catherine Bell, founder of The Awakened Company, to share her insights on leadership and corporate culture. The episode delves into Catherine’s unique approach to igniting the fire within organizations through passion, purpose, and playfulness. Listeners will learn about the transformative impact of […]

Catherine Bell recently joined The Karmali Exchange podcast to discuss leadership challenges, the significance of team involvement in shaping corporate vision, and the transformative power of the Enneagram. She emphasized how the Enneagram enhances presence and engagement, fostering healthier corporate cultures. Listen to the full interview for Catherine’s invaluable insights on becoming a more effective […]

We are thrilled to announce that Catherine Bell, the visionary CEO and founder of The Awakened Company, recently appeared on the Awarepreneurs podcast with host Paul Zelizer. In this insightful episode, Catherine delves into the significance of transformational leadership, the collective leadership mindset, and the profound impact of cultivating conscious corporate cultures. She shares her […]

Catherine Bell, the CEO of The Awakened Company, recently shared her insights on the Woman of Inspiration podcast with host Monica Kretchmer. In this engaging episode, Catherine delves into her journey from a teenage girl inspired by leadership dreams to a successful serial entrepreneur and best-selling author. She candidly discusses the challenges and triumphs of […]

In a captivating episode of Boss Uncaged, Catherine Bell, founder of The Awakened Company, shared her journey from co-founding the innovative executive search firm BluEra to becoming a best-selling author and a transformative business leader. Known for blending mindfulness with corporate strategy, Catherine discussed the inception of her book “The Awakened Company,” the importance of […]

Catch Catherine Bell, founder of The Awakened Company, on episode 385 of the Leading Learning podcast! Discover how to create healthy corporate cultures through self-awareness, strong relationships, and dynamic teams. In this episode, Catherine shares: Don’t miss this insightful conversation!

We are excited to share that Catherine Bell, founder of The Awakened Company, was recently featured on The Works Podcast. In this insightful interview, Catherine discusses how mindfulness, self-awareness, and strong team dynamics can transform corporate culture. She highlights the importance of having a clear vision, using the Enneagram for personal growth, and integrating mindfulness […]

Mindfulness in business may sound like a New Age concept, but Catherine Bell, the CEO of The Awakened Company, explains why it is a strategic approach to humanizing the workplace and unlocking employee potential. In a recent episode of the Mindfulness in Business podcast, Catherine shares her expertise on the true meaning of mindfulness in […]

Discover the power of mindfulness in leadership with Catherine Bell on the latest episode of the “Starting to Know” podcast. Catherine, founder of The Awakened Company and best-selling author, shares her insights on bringing attention to the present moment to transform business dynamics. Tune in to hear her discuss the importance of being present and […]

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From Field Dynamics Website Ever felt like your workplace could use a breath of fresh air? Imagine a world where businesses thrive on passion, purpose, and play. Catherine Bell is a successful entrepreneur, business leader and best-selling author. She founded The Awakened Company – based on her book of the same name – which focuses […]

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