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Awakened Leaders – An Interview with Steve Farrell of Humanity’s Team

Awakened Leaders – An Interview with Steve Farrell of Humanity’s Team 2048 2560 Catherine Bell

Awakened Leaders – Video Blog Series

Welcome to our new video blog series on Awakened Leaders to discuss Awakening Organizations. Our first guest is Steve Farrell, President & Worldwide Director of Humanity’s Team.

Awakened Leaders

About Humanity’s Team

Humanity’s Team is a global grassroots spiritual movement. It is focused on awakening and embodying Oneness, so humanity may enjoy a sustainable world of peace, harmony and happiness. With ~100,000 teammates in over 150 countries, the team provides resources for personal transformation, creates educational programs, and engages in spiritual activism projects.

About Steve Farrell

Before Steve became involved with Humanity’s Team, he co-founded and led two high growth technology companies based in Silicon Valley in the 1990′s. These tech companies were featured in the INC 500 and included some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley. Despite this “success”, he walked away to help create a new dream based on the Divine in life that all of us on the Earth can manifest together. Steve leads Humanity’s Team based in Boulder, Colorado that is focused on awakening our self and the world to Oneness.

Please check out their Conscious Business Declaration as well.

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