Erik Kaae

Erik Kaae 416 416 The Awakened Company

I started reading The Awakened Company, expecting it would be as many business books, but it isn’t…. this is different and I had to start over. The book is written in a nonlinear way, my understanding of the book awakens just as the companies it describes awakens, I like it.

Jacqueline Carter

Jacqueline Carter 416 416 The Awakened Company

The Awakened Company provides hope and guidance for how we can overcome habitual, unhealthy behaviors at work and wake up to a new way of working that enables us and our organizations to realize more of our potential. It’s a gift to anyone who recognizes that the way many people work today isn’t working. Many of today’s work environments drain people’s energy, creativity, health, and happiness. The Awakened Company provides countless examples of individuals who have created corporate cultures that promote well-being, fun, and a broader definition of success.

Elspeth Murray

Elspeth Murray 416 416 The Awakened Company

A great read that cuts to the core of how we think about achieving success, and for whom. I applaud Catherine’s courage for calling us all out to contemplate a fundamentally different way of being and doing.

Lee David Zlotoff

Lee David Zlotoff 416 416 The Awakened Company

In The Awakened Company, Catherine Bell provides the best roadmap I have found to transform yourself—and your business—into a real 21st century enterprise. Because if we don’t all start effectively mining our inner resources, there may not be enough financial or physical resources to maintain our civilization. The time has come for all of us to turn what we have into what we need, and this book can get you there.

David Daniels, M.D.

David Daniels, M.D. 416 416 The Awakened Company

The Awakened Company represents a natural evolution in the corporate world, and yet at the same time it’s revolutionary. When organizations implement the approach this wise book advocates, not only are the organizations themselves transformed but also the lives of the individuals who work in them, along with each of the broader relationships associated with these organizations. Based on time-tested practices and deep insight into how an organization functions best, The Awakened Company especially highlights the particular kind of energy needed at this moment throughout the entire corporate enterprise. This is a must-read for those of us in the organization world.

Linda Parsons, QC

Linda Parsons, QC 416 416 The Awakened Company

The Awakened Company effectively connects some of the best thinking in executive coaching, corporate social responsibility, interconnected economic matrices, and individual consciousness. The book is a very accessible resource for individuals and corporations.

Pamela Jeffery

Pamela Jeffery 416 416 The Awakened Company

This is a terrific guide for anyone who has wondered how to be successful in business with real-life examples that are inspirational and instructional. In the words of Sir John Templeton: always start out to give more than is expected from you, to treat the other person more fairly, and that is the secret of success. I loved Catherine’s advice that we all need to think about what our respective companies are currently contributing to-and what they potentially could be as a powerful and much-needed force for change. I started my company 20 years ago with the belief that companies can be a force for social change and that mine was going to be one of them!

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD

Ginger Lapid-Bogda, PhD 416 416 The Awakened Company

Catherine has put her heart and soul, as well as her inspired, strategic mind, into this spectacular book that sets both the context and the rationale for why conscious and awakened leaders and organizations are a necessity if we are all going to survive and thrive in our new global environment. Interweaving business-based principles, state-of-the art research, quotes from business leaders and visionary thinkers, and concrete real-life examples with mindfulness, the Enneagram, yoga, and more, the book reads as smoothly as fine poetry in prose form. I will be “gifting” this book to all my clients who are or aspire to be transformative leaders.

Robert Holden, PhD

Robert Holden, PhD 416 416 The Awakened Company

The awakened leader is transforming the workplace for future generations NOW Catherine Bell and her team show you what these leaders are already doing, and how you can do it too!

Kirsten Stendevad

Kirsten Stendevad 416 416 The Awakened Company

Catherine Bell has lots of refreshing and highly needed perspectives in her book The Awakened Company. This is what we all need to do, like it or not: wake up. There are so many challenges we need to solve as businesses in the new era. Catherine helps us with the how. And her suggestions work: Her own award-winning company is a testimony. Just read the book.