Scott Clements

“Of all the online opportunities that have been offered us online during this pandemic, this programme was the absolute best.”

Scott Clements

 “Catherine is a light and when she shares it it’s electric. Thank you one last time.”

Marie Flynn

“I have just done the Enneagram & the Current Crisis with Russ Hudson hosted by Catherine Bell. Having done many workshops and retreats previously with Russ I wasn’t really expecting anything new. I was wrong. This was an unfolding of the moment held with such tenderness and sensitivity. Russ’s depth allowed participants to touch their […]

Natalie St. Hilaire Yoga Nova Enneagram

“Learning the Enneagram with Catherine Bell elevated the way I understand and work with others. Catherine’s carries an undeniable depth of knowledge and creates an understanding of each personality type that really clarifies what’s deeply important and best about each of the types. When Catherine teaches we all learn to love each other through our differences a […]

“The Enneagram has helped to shine the light on my inner world.  My strengths as well as my weaknesses have been exposed.  Many of my “flaws” were irrational or illogical.  The Enneagram has given me the strength and courage to forgive myself and accept, embrace and integrate those “flaws” to make me whole.  The Enneagram […]