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Toronto book launch

Toronto Book Launch – October 4

Toronto Book Launch – October 4 1709 2560 Catherine Bell
Toronto Book Launch – join Catherine Bell at The Awakened Company book on October 4
Toronto Book Launch
Join Catherine Bell, author of best selling and award winning book, The Awakened Company at Ben McNally Books from 6-8 pm ET.
Catherine will share research results from hundreds of interviews with leaders of international corporations while describing practical tools for leaders on how to build a company that unleashes human potential by creating a workplace that is both profitable and purpose driven.
Please RSVP here.
We hope you can join us!

Lessons on Awakening for Business

Lessons on Awakening for Business 2560 1686 Catherine Bell


Many lessons on awakening were discussed at our emergent, presence-based pop-up book signing event at Indigo in downtown Calgary. The Awakened Company is a model for creating a positive ripple in the world. It represents a new model of business that serves people.  Thanks again to Matrix Solutions CEO, Rob Pockar and BluEarth Renewables Founder, Kent Brown for truly creating an engaging event.

During bad times is a great time to create the ripples necessary for awakening. Organizational culture can be changed (e.g. Telus), although it’s easier to start building a great culture with a new company. We, as a business community, need to shift focus from the results to the corporate culture – the “why you exist”. Rob Pockar emphasized that it doesn’t matter if the company is privately or publically held – you still need to demonstrate great value as a robust and strategic organization and you rely on skilled people. It doesn’t matter who your shareholders are, your mindset should be the same.

Co-creation with community is possible when you identify opportunities that are great for the community as well as great for your company. You develop a shared value proposition with the community (watch this short video). Focus on the reciprocal nature of communityship and the several dimensions of community for businesses.


Here were some great tips from Rob and Kent:

  • Be aware as a leader.  BluEra’s Blog supports notion.
  • Start with your values (watch this short video) – what are your values?
  • Develop the systems in your business to help develop awakenedness (e.g. performance reviews, interviews, coaching)
  • Be systematic and deliberate.
  • Tap into the awakenedness of your employees and talk to new employees about your values, culture and strategy and where they fit.
  • Give employees ownership over their own work and flexibility and freedom. There are guardrails and guidelines, but within an atmosphere of trust reinforced by your values.

People say all of this is hard to do, but what is the alternative? As Julian Barling states, what is the smallest thing you can do? What does your heart tell you? Your head? And what is it that you want to do?

Thanks again to Indigo, Rob Pockar, Melissa Pockar and Kent Brown, for rocking this experiment.

As the holiday season is in full swing, please take a moment to consider what it really means to you.

Lessons on Awakening from Entrepreneurs

Lessons on Awakening from Entrepreneurs 800 800 Catherine Bell






Lessons on awakening were abound at The Awakened Company‘s recent pop-up book signing and interactive discussion at Calgary’s downtown Indigo bookstore.

BluEarth Founder, Kent Brown and Matrix CEO, Rob Pockar led a discussion of their first-hand, entrepreneurial experience in building and leading awakening companies.

Kent started off with lessons learned from BluEarth. He described his business as awakening vs. awakened – a process and continuous approach that results in a better company compared to “business as usual”. BluEarth grew from nothing to over $1 billion in value in less than five years.

Using a Triple Bottom Line approach to business, Kent’s focus has been to create a great environment and hold an aspiration that’s greater than profitability. Focus on values, culture and people, and the result will be a more profitable company.

BluEarth uses many of the practices described and advocated by author Catherine Bell in The Awakened Company. In this short video, Kent describes why BluEarth has been successful. The proof these practices work? In less than five years, BluEarth accomplished the following:

  1. Profit – not in spite of trying to be more awakened, it is because of this.  BluEarth met or exceeded all of its financial targets.
  2. People – engaged, happy, results driven, caring, no unintended turnover.
  3. Planet – being a renewables focused company is not enough – BluEarth’s team is driven to look for ways to have less impact on the planet.

Rob added to this with his experiences from Matrix, which from 1993 to today grew from 4 people to a team of 600 throughout Canada. Matrix’s underlying reason for being has always been to create a great environment for its people. To have an aspiration that is greater than simply a sole focus on profitability. The result of this aspiration? Happier and more engaged people, more meaningful work and, yes, a more successful organization. This short video discusses how.

With these first-hand, in-the-trenches accounts of Awakened Company practices in action, Rob and Kent were able to demonstrate that awakening companies make better companies.

Catherine espouses in her book and in her life how doing the smallest thing can make the biggest difference. What can you do to start?

You can start your journey of awakening today by reading our book, The Awakened Company.


Creating an Awakened Ripple in the World

Creating an Awakened Ripple in the World 2560 1375 Catherine Bell


The Awakened Company is a model for creating a positive ripple in the world.

A new model of business that serves people is needed, anawakened one where people are working on themselves, their relationships, their teams, the organization and their community for a noble purpose.

On November 27th, Indigo Downtown Calgary hosted a pop up event with author Catherine Bell and contributors to The Awakened Company, CEO of Matrix Environmental Solutions Rob Pockar,  Founder of BluEarth Renewables, Kent Brown, and facilitated by Melissa Pockar of MoreSo.

We discussed the following themes:

  • awakeness
  • independence and interdependence
  • communityship
  • culture.

Catherine laid out a framework, noting the importance of environment and context, which are holding all of us, and that we are truly having an interdependent experience. Profit is not a good enough motive for businesses to survive, let alone thrive. We need to focus on the more mecurial aspects of culture in organizations, such as engagement, values and mindset to name a few.

In our next series of blogs, we will focus on learnings from our pop up event from Rob Pockar and Kent Brown, and how The Awakened Company has impacted their organizations. These blogs will include videos and photos from the event on 1. Awakened Leadership as an entrepreneur and 2. Awakened Leadership in a large organizations.

Book Signing

Book signing Today at Indigo’s downtown Calgary location!

Book signing Today at Indigo’s downtown Calgary location! 800 600 Catherine Bell

Come and join us for a book signing for The Awakened Company and an interactive conversation TODAY at Indigo‘s downtown Calgary location @ 317 – 7 Avenue SW (TD Square), from 12-2 pm.

book signing



Catherine Bell - Book Launch

Watch our inspiring book launch recap

Watch our inspiring book launch recap 2560 1707 Catherine Bell


Watch our book launch recap from an amazing and inspiring night on October 22, 2015, hosted by Owl’s Nest Books. Thank you to the over 200 people who s

howed up and gave The Awakened Company its wings…

book launch

book launch


Book Signing

Join us for a surprising book signing

Join us for a surprising book signing 800 600 Catherine Bell

surprising book signing

A surprising book signing and interactive conversation will take place at Calgary’s downtown Indigo @ 317 – 7 Avenue SW (TD Square), from 12-2 pm on Thursday, November 26, 2015.

Learn what it means and what it takes to be an Awakened Company and how businesses can succeed in the end. Join Rob Pockar, CEO of Matrix, Melissa Pockar, Founder of MoreSo, Kent Brown, Founder of BluEarth, and Catherine Bell, Author & Founder of The Awakened Company and BluEra at THE AWAKENED COMPANY  book signing for an interactive conversation that will have you rethinking the way you do business in today’s difficult times.

Book signing begins at noon and the conversation begins at 12:30 pm. Come and join the conversation.


Paris Peace

Peace – A Response to Terrorist Attacks

Peace – A Response to Terrorist Attacks 1180 664 Catherine Bell

Peace. The very reason for awakened companies is to create a more meaningful life rich with experiences and a harmonious world.   Almost everything that is produced, developed, served, orchestrated and actioned is in some form of organization.  Many of you know that an awakened company relies on awakened individuals to guide, reshape and build this evolved organization.  We must look at our unconscious bias too in this type of organization, such as similar to me effect.  Please see this article on Beirut and Paris and its compelling discussion on why we must feel empathy for all.

We are deeply saddened on many levels by the terrorist attacks.  Our book launch in Vancouver had many moments of silence to heal our world.

The recent terrorists attacks are a human concocted problem and are reflective of a worldwide system that needs a reset.  We need to foster human values across the world.  Values to be included are:

Relaxed groundedness

Energetic engagement

Natural Integrity and authenticity





Truth seeking

Intentional awareness/focus

Connection and unity


We need to systematically be bringing these into our everyday lives for ourselves, relationships, family, organizations and society. We need a systemic, subtle reset to how we organize to allow for all to flourish.

We cannot awaken, however, without being deeply familiar with the peace and relaxed groundedness of the present moment. The following is some timely guidance from The Awakened Company‘s collaborator Christopher Papadopoulos:


Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me exhorts the traditional Christian hymn. These words take on a greater importance during these days after the recent international terrorist attacks, when we are most vulnerable to slipping into our darker nature. The hurt and shock many are experiencing is a natural response. Even anger can be a natural response: there is a build-up of energy to make the body take action, to change things, to protect. Too much anger however, disconnects us from a deeper awareness and compassion. This has us flirting close to the same kind of destructive energy that flows through those who commit acts of extreme violence and cruelty. We can thus unintentionally move ourselves away from the peace we seek and create an atmosphere that enables others to continue their violent ways. We wish to release some of this pressure so that anger doesn’t lead to impulsive thoughts and reactions based in rage and xenophobia.

Moving your body vigorously (e.g. shaking your limbs, exercise, dance etc.) can help to dissipate some of this excess energy that has built up in the body. So can inhaling, tensing every muscle in the body for a few seconds and then releasing with a big exhale through the mouth (try this 5 times). Less pressure is a good start but given the apparent magnitude of the world’s problems a feeling of powerlessness can also set in. And yet you have more power than you can imagine to protect and to change things. You hold in your hands the key to personal peace and world peace. In fact peace can only begin with you, with each of us.

The most important thing you can do is something you have complete control over, to feel your body. Right now notice that your body is safe. Take a few full breaths feeling the expansion and contraction in your torso. This movement has been going on since you were born and noticing it is as important as anything you will ever do. Feel your body. No one else can do this vital work for you. There is no imminent threat. There is just you. Here. Now. After a few more deep breaths take a moment and notice your body moving and breathing all by itself.

Let’s go deeper to find more subtle levels of tension in the body. Any extra tension in the body is used by the mind as fuel to keep chattering and reacting and our goal is to quiet the mind. Unclench your jaw and solar plexus, drop your shoulders, and loosen your hands and feet. How deeply can you relax each body part? Relax your body as much as possible and feel your body move with each deep breath you take.

By fully feeling the body—which can only be felt now—you begin to enter the present moment.  This quiets a mind which is designed to stand back from the concrete reality of now so that it can reflect and judge and plan from the abstract realm of thought. Soon you will realize that the mind is a valuable tool…that needs to be put down often. Beneath the typical flood of mental activity which distorts our experience of reality and numbs our experience of our deepest self, you will begin to notice a vibrant stillness, a transcendent peace. This peace is intelligent and comes with the information that it has always been here, waiting for you to notice it. It also comes with another surprising revelation: Peace is not something that we can create; it is a fundamental characteristic of who we are and inherent in all of life.

Your body, the room you are in—and indeed the entire world— is saturated with peace. By noticing the peace that we are beneath the turmoil of our thoughts and emotions we can also perceive the peace that is all around us. Now we know that all life is indeed sacred and interconnected. When we experience our peace-filled nature, dormant yet omnipresent peace becomes ‘activated’ and can now resonate across the planet. Peace-inspired behavior naturally follows from our new and fuller experience of reality.

The world needs you to experience your true nature. This will lead others to discover theirs. And yes, the perpetrators of horrific acts are also peace in their essence—a peace they have no contact with. They “know not what they do” because they don’t know who they themselves are. It is being lost in our thoughts and emotional reactions that can lead to greater fear and rage. This blocks awareness of our interconnectedness and the sacredness of all life. This distorted and incomplete awareness leads to indifference, selfishness, violence and cruelty. So do not stray too far into fear and anger because the world needs you to be fulfilled: the fulfillment of experiencing the peace of your true nature.

~ Christopher Papadopoulos


Banyen Books & Sound

Join us in Vancouver – November 13

Join us in Vancouver – November 13 2560 1920 Catherine Bell

LeadershipLeadership, Join UsLeadershipJoin us for our Vancouver book launch on Friday, November 13 at 6:30 pm at Banyen Books & Sound. The Founder of this amazing bookstore, Kolin Lymworth, was a participant in the creation of The Awakened Company! Constance Kellough, Founder & President of Namaste Publishing and The Awakened Company author, Catherine Bell, will host a discussion on the rising of an Awakened Company. Please join us. #AwakenedCompany


Lessons on Awakened Leadership

Lessons on Awakened Leadership 2560 1707 Catherine Bell

Many lessons on awakened leadership were discussed by the panel and audience at our BluEra book launch of The Awakened Company. Check out our short video that highlig20151027_CB_BellBreakfast_076hts some of this discussion and the event.

Fewer than 1 in 5 leaders in organizations are perceived as truthful. Yet organizations with high trust environments perform 300% better than those that do not. This is a call to action. We can and we must do better.

Awakening as a leader and as an organization is a recipe that creates the passion and energy people are craving at work and what we need to make the world a better place. A buy-product of awakened leadership and awakened organizations is better performance under any metric. Companies perform better not in spite of being awakened, but by the very fact they are awakened. And, I can tell you, they have a lot more fun along the way and create deep meaning in people’s lives.


The Awakened Company is a roadmap to better leaders, better companies, better communities and, ultimately, a better world. Isn’t that what we all want? We invite you to join us on this journey.

How are you going to do better? What lessons on awakening have you learned? Tell us by replying to this blog or posting a response on our social media. We would love to hear from you.