Hiring Series

A Comprehensive Guide from a Former Executive Recruiter Recruitment is the backbone of any successful organization, our organizations are mostly about the amazing people in them. It’s not just about filling positions; it’s about finding the right talent that aligns with your company culture, values, vision and missions. In today’s competitive landscape, recruiting top-tier talent […]

Hiring Series

A Comprehensive Guide from a Former Executive Recruiter We have been fielding a lot of questions on how to hire lately and as a result, we have decided to do a blog series inspired by our founder, Catherine Bell’s previous experience as an executive recruiter, where she helped to hire thousands of executives. In this […]

Hiring Series

Hiring a leader is a pivotal decision for any organization. It is estimated the cost of a bad hire is as much as 15 times an employee’s base salary, according to GH Smart. So for a role that is $100,000 that can cost a company $1.5 million or more.  Whether you’re a startup looking to […]

Embodying Transformational Leadership: Moving Beyond Wisdom to Impactful Action

Recently, a webinar guest asked me a powerful question: how can they move from leadership wisdom to impactful action? They even asked what they could read to improve their leadership skills. While reading and education are essential to leadership development, they are not enough on their own. The key is to embody leadership, learning, and […]

Love & Business | Awakened Leaders Vlog

This blog “Love & Business | Awakened Leaders Vlog“ was originally posted in June, 2017. Love & Business with Lorne Rubis, ATB’s Chief Evangelist Love & business is our topic of discussion with our guest on our Awakened Leaders Vlog Part 2, Lorne Rubis, ATB Financial’s (Former) Chief Evangelist. This is part 2 / 12 of our interviews with Lorne. […]

Using the Enneagram for Leadership | Catherine Bell on the MayaPinion Podcast

Using the Enneagram for Leadership “Everything in my life is dedicated to awakening – awakening ourselves, our relationships, our organizations, and our communities. My vision is to be a healthy universal muse, radiating love, wisdom, and power in service to humanity and the planet. I believe that we either lead with positive intention or we […]

Awakened Leadership Nuggets | Catherine Bell on the Gaze Ahead Podcast

Awakened Leadership Nuggets “Catherine Bell teaches us that joy and empathy in the fabric of a company can be a superpower. She talks about customizing culture and measuring the north star values of a business, the Enneagram, and future generations of leaders. Get your notebook and brace yourself, this episode is jammed with inspiring leadership […]

Innovation In Compliance Podcast with Tom Fox “Innovation in compliance brings you interviews with industry leading experts who are changing the way practitioners approach compliance. Host Tom Fox, the Compliance Evangelist and Voice of Compliance is driving the conversation about compliance into the 2020s and beyond with his focus on innovations for the compliance practitioner […]

Do It For The Gram Podcast Catherine Bell is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Awakened Company, co-founder of the app, Awakenly, and business partner with Enneagram thought leader, Russ Hudson. She is also an award-winning and best-selling author, poet, finally a Social Eight and lover of life. Catherine talks about what inspired her to […]

Inc Magazine – The 10 most Innovative CEOs Revamping The Future 2022 – Cover Feature Story | Published Aug 30, 2022. (Catherine Bell: Building Highly Successful Companies (theincmagazine.com) Catherine Bell: Building Highly Successful Companies Thanks to the dissatisfaction with the status quo, Catherine Bell, a successful serial entrepreneur, business leader, and best-selling business author, founded The […]

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