How To Build “The Awakened Company”

How To Build “The Awakened Company” 1800 600 Sherilyn Gosse

Encompass Business Podcast

Gurmeet Judge hosts Catherine Bell

The success of an organization lies in the strength of its leaders. The need for leadership development has never been more urgent. Companies of all sorts realize that to survive in today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous environment, they need leadership skills and organizational capabilities different from those that helped them succeed in the past such as skills that are difficult to teach, measure, or even articulate; these skills include leading, communicating, relating, and energizing groups.

Catherine shared insights on the concept of awakened company and what it takes to build awakened organization and leadership team. She also explains that The Awakened Company’s aim is to awaken The Fire within Organizations with passion, purpose, and playfulness.

The Awakened Company

The Awakened Company 1800 600 Sherilyn Gosse

Calgary Business Podcast

with Catherine Bell

episode 300 | 14 May 2021

By Allen R. Wazny
Calgary Business Podcast is focused on meeting Calgary business owners, educators, students, influencers, artists, non-profit executives and other business leaders based in Calgary to discuss issues of importance to them. During the Covid-19 pandemic, I managed to reach out and interview several founders, entrepreneurs and investors across Canada and the globe including individuals from Victoria, Kamloops, Edmonton, Toronto, Kitchener, Kelowna, Dubai and Moose Jaw..

It’s Time To Awaken Your Company

It’s Time To Awaken Your Company 1800 600 Sherilyn Gosse

Kourting Happiness Podcast

with Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is transformative. Her work is life-changing for individuals and organizations. It also provides a framework for companies to create a positive workplace culture that awakens a consciousness of community, engagement, and mindfulness. I treasured every moment of speaking with Catherine. Her energy, passion, and brilliance are exemplary. This is a must-read for every leader, organization, business school, and person on the planet,” says Dr. Kortni Alston.

How To Build A Healthy Organizational Culture

How To Build A Healthy Organizational Culture 1800 600 The Awakened Company

It’s All About Evolving Podcast

with Catherine Bell

Key Highlights Of The Episode:

How Catherine started The Awakened Company and their mission.

How organizations can create healthy cultures in challenging times.

Benefits of the Enneagram program.

From Soul To Business: Creating A Blooming Culture

From Soul To Business: Creating A Blooming Culture 1800 600 The Awakened Company

Going Conscious Podcast

with Catherine Bell

In this episode we talk about how profit and purpose can exist together, and how we must first awaken ourselves and become mindful. We talk about creating something different, the importance of company culture, our magnetic why, how businesses need to start solving problems not creating more problems, bringing play into work and souls into businesses, how to awaken your power and the magic of serendipity.

Igniting The Fire in Conscious Companies

Igniting The Fire in Conscious Companies 1800 600 The Awakened Company

The Shift: The Conscious Business Show


In this episode of The Shift, Stephen Dynako talks with Catherine Bell, who is Founder of The Awakened Company, a business leader and best-selling business author. 

The Awakened Company ignites the fire within organizations. Its values are the 3 Ps: Purpose, Passion, and Playful! The Awakened Company believes organizations and people working effectively together are THE way to solving some of the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges. 

Catherine also discusses how The Awakened Company itself lives and operates in accordance with its 3P values.


Small Practices to
Build Powerful Teams

Small Practices to
Build Powerful Teams
1800 600 The Awakened Company
Sunshine behind the clouds

Your Presence
is Your Power

Your Presence
is Your Power
1800 600 The Awakened Company
Happy Coworkers Cheering

What Would It Take for Your Employees to Love Coming to Work?

What Would It Take for Your Employees to Love Coming to Work? 1800 600 The Awakened Company

“Catherine sees the key to creating the kind of workplace we all would choose for ourselves as being a company culture that makes team self-awareness a primary objective for the work being done. In fact, she recommends selecting people to be hired by vetting candidates for self-awareness ahead of even job skills.”

What Would It Take for Your Employees to Love Coming to Work? | HuffPost Impact

An Interview with Conscious Company Media’s Vanessa Childers

An Interview with Conscious Company Media’s Vanessa Childers 1000 267 Catherine Bell

Conscious CompanyConscious Company Magazine

An Interview with Conscious Company’s, Vanessa Childers

I recently had the opportunity to interview the Editorial Director of Conscious Company Media’s, Vanessa Childers. Here is what she had to say about what gets her up in the morning, on awakening leadership and why she joined Conscious Company.

What would cause you to rise at 3 am (other than a trip)?

The most likely cause would be my puppy Harper Lee—but I wouldn’t groan at the thought of a 3 am wakeup call if I’d gotten a good amount of sleep the night before and if I had a good book and a hot cup of coffee to enjoy for an hour or two before starting my day.

What 3 practical tips would you give to leaders on how to awaken?

  1. Do the things that scare you, like confronting your deep-seated issues with a therapist or learning that skill you know you’ll be terrible at initially. The more emotional discomfort you go through (ideally voluntarily!) the more quickly awakening will happen, if you let it.
  2. Talk with your staff (or anyone you have a relationship with). Get to know them and what matters to them. Put your ego aside and listen to what they need and how you can serve them.
  3. Practice being accountable. This combines tips 1 and 2. Being accountable is a scary thing; it involves facing some ugly truths (which typically come to the surface when you earn your employees’ trust and learn about their challenges) and then choosing not to be defensive when you realize you’re responsible for causing (and fixing) those challenges.

Why did you join Conscious Company Media?

I previously was the Digital Editor for two home design and architecture magazines, and I loved working with such beautiful and creative content. After almost four years, I realized I wanted to challenge myself in new ways and become a part of positive impact on a grander scale. I also wanted to be part of a company that was fully aligned with conscious-business values. Conscious Company’s mission—and its incredible team—made the decision a no-brainer.


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