Something Profound is Happening

Something Profound is Happening

Something Profound is Happening 600 340 Catherine Bell

It is your birthright to awaken. To awaken is to become aware that you are more than your thoughts about yourself and the world. You experience deep fulfillment and a sense that you are connected with all people and things on this planet. To discover who you truly are is your primary purpose in this life. When we do not know who we are we feel disconnected, we struggle to find meaning in our lives and fulfillment evades us. Our dissatisfaction and sense of separation from everyone and everything propels us on a futile quest for more things and experiences in the hope that we will finally feel fulfilled.

We also build our businesses in our own image—a distorted and incomplete impression of who we are and why we are here…until we wake up. When we awaken our businesses also awaken and discover their higher purpose beyond profits—and yet profits consistently grow as we grow in awareness.

Many people have come to understand that the most recent financial meltdown was a big cry for help from a business model that is failing. Too many businesses have been putting profits before the employees and wider community that give their company life. Of course, businesses do need to turn a profit, but when we value profits far more than people, society, and the planet, disastrous results occur. From the drive for always more, grows a special class of mercenary enterprise: using their power to defang regulations and aggressively engage in high risk activity.

At the same time, something profound is happening. Beneath the wreckage of collapsing businesses, communities, and families—all suffering from the side effects of the current economic paradigm—more and more have found their way out of this mode of being. More and more businesses and their employees are wiping off the dusty mirror and taking a hard look at themselves. And in the process they, as individuals and as entire companies, are finding a truer calling, their soul.

This book details this new shift in energy and awareness and shows how to replicate it in your life and in the life of your business. These changes are already underway; they are real, practical, and achievable and are exciting in their results and in their implications. There is something happening, and it is good.

Learn from wisdom makers, academics, private equity builders, breakthrough renewable energy companies (even some traditional energy companies), healers, entrepreneurs, one of Oprah’s top publishers, and social enterprise. So join us on this journey of awakening as we all become more aware of who we are and how we are all interconnected. We think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn who is joining you on this journey of transformation, and even more surprised by how rewarding it is for your own business.


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