Originally written by Kevin Flemming for CTV News Calgary in September 2020. https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=2038217&jwsource=cl CALGARY — Catherine Bell has spent much of her career among men in boardrooms of corporate Calgary as the only woman. That fuelled an anger in her to do something about it and that’s how she came up with the Awakened Project. […]

Originally written by Catherine R. Bell in May 2023 for Educate and Explore powered by Olympia Trust Company. I recently met with an incredible leader in a sweet local coffee shop. Wow, she was doing incredible things. Her organization is growing 50% year over year, she is fulfilled, her operating plans exceptional, her team strong, […]

Embodying Transformational Leadership: Moving Beyond Wisdom to Impactful Action

Recently, a webinar guest asked me a powerful question: how can they move from leadership wisdom to impactful action? They even asked what they could read to improve their leadership skills. While reading and education are essential to leadership development, they are not enough on their own. The key is to embody leadership, learning, and […]

Love & Business | Awakened Leaders Vlog

This blog “Love & Business | Awakened Leaders Vlog“ was originally posted in June, 2017. Love & Business with Lorne Rubis, ATB’s Chief Evangelist Love & business is our topic of discussion with our guest on our Awakened Leaders Vlog Part 2, Lorne Rubis, ATB Financial’s (Former) Chief Evangelist. This is part 2 / 12 of our interviews with Lorne. […]

Top 3 Tips to Stay Inspired as an Entrepreneur

Originally written by Catherine R. Bell in March 2016. Staying inspired running a business can be hard. Entrepreneurship can be just as rewarding as it is challenging. So, how do I stay inspired? I stay inspired by having a meaningful vision, working with awesome people, leaning on core values, and learning continuously. Learning keeps me alive. What […]

Inc Magazine – The 10 most Innovative CEOs Revamping The Future 2022 – Cover Feature Story | Published Aug 30, 2022. (Catherine Bell: Building Highly Successful Companies (theincmagazine.com) Catherine Bell: Building Highly Successful Companies Thanks to the dissatisfaction with the status quo, Catherine Bell, a successful serial entrepreneur, business leader, and best-selling business author, founded The […]

This article “What Would It Take for Your Employees to Love Coming to Work?” was written by Indigo Ocean Dutton for HuffPost. An Interview with Catherine Bell. The Awakened Company gives full credit to the author. You wake at 7am with a smile on your face and no need for an alarm clock. Your first […]

This article “People Doing Cool Shit” was written by Cailynn Klingbeil on January 14, 2021 for SophieGrace Shop The Awakened Company is posting this to support the amazing SophieGrace shop and gives full credit to the author. This year, we’re going to start regularly profiling our customers. Yes — you! You’re all up to incredible work, and […]

Purple Flowers

We have some exciting news… We are thrilled to introduce you to Our Awakened Company Founder, Catherine Bell’s new website. Catherine is the visionary behind The Awakened Company, she is also a successful serial entrepreneur, business leader, best-selling author, poet and is passionate about giving back. We encourage you to check it out for inspiration […]

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