Awakening Organizations – a Podcast with Catherine Bell

Awakening Organizations – a Podcast with Catherine Bell

Awakening Organizations – a Podcast with Catherine Bell 2560 1417 Catherine Bell

Awakening Organizations

Recently, I was featured among 25 of the world’s top Enneagram experts — including people like Russ Hudson (collaborator on my best-seller and award-winner, The Awakened Company), Helen Palmer, A. H. Almaas, Tom Condon, and Cheryl Richardson — sharing the latest insights and applications of the Enneagram.  Over 19,000 people registered for this Global Summit.

Please listen to my podcast interview on Awakening Organizations:


Here are my top three takeaways from my interview at the Global Summit:

  1. We are asleep in our organizations:
    • 75% of business die within their first nine years.Awakening Organizations
    • Over 70% are disengaged at work.
    • Most people rate spending time with their bosses as their worst time of the day.
  2. We need to awaken something new and that’s what The Awakened Company is about – some things we can do to help our organizations to become more awake, more alive nd thriving like a forest.
  3. Some practical things you can do to help awaken yourself and your organization:
    • Improve your individual performance, engagement and happiness by becoming more self-aware. Read my book for more information, read books on mindfulne
      ss and get some coaching on self-awareness and mindfulness.
    •  Spend more 1:1 time with your team. Notice what they are doing right and tell them.  The result is that engagement improves dramatically.
    • Research shows that spending 2/3 of your time building your organization’s culture and 1/3 of your time focused on the financial results, your organizational performance will improve. With a sole focus only on financial results, financial performance is worse.

This interview was part of the Enneagram Global Summit 2016, a free online event which featured today’s top teachers who brought together Enneagram wisdom and experience from around the globe. For more information, please visit This recording is a copyright of The Shift Network. All rights reserved.

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