Catherine Bell on
the "Cat's Tracks" Video Podcast
with Catherine Brownlee

“Cat’s Track” Asks Catherine Bell 3 Important Questions

“Cat’s Track” Asks Catherine Bell 3 Important Questions 1280 420 The Awakened Company

Catherine Bell on “Cat’s Tracks”

Recently, Catherine Bell connected with Catherine Brownlee, President and CEO of CBI, and Creator of “Cat’s Track” a daily video series asking leaders the three most important questions in these times.

  1. What has been their biggest challenge in the last 2 months?
  2. What are 3 things that they want to share with our audience right now?
  3. What legacy are they leaving, as a result of this crisis; or What is next for them?

Check out what Catherine had to say…

For more fascinating interviews with over 50 other leaders, check out “Cat’s Track” on the CBI website, Subscribe on YouTube, and explore the insightful answers to these three simple questions.

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