Awakening to Radical Self Care | Catherine Bell on Sacred Changemakers Podcast

Awakening to Radical Self Care | Catherine Bell on Sacred Changemakers Podcast

Awakening to Radical Self Care | Catherine Bell on Sacred Changemakers Podcast 2560 1280 The Awakened Company

Awakening to Radical Self Care

“In today’s episode, we are welcoming back Catherine Bell of the Awakened Company. She’s a good friend and colleague who is up to some really inspiring things which you’re going to hear about. She consults with organizations on how to create healthy innovative corporate cultures. In addition to being the author of the revolutionary book Awakened Company, which won countless awards, she has been published in Fortune, HBR, Profit, Conscious Company Magazine, Women of Influence, and written for the UN.

Catherine now focuses on awakening the fire within organizations as the founder of The Awakened Company. She has a partnership with Russ Hudson on Creativity and The Enneagram. She also started The Awakened Project, which ignites a presence that includes a jewelry line with a Canadian Artist that symbolizes awakening. 50% of the Awakened Project’s profits go to setting up a fund to help female entrepreneurs start their own businesses. She also volunteers for Impact Society and the Science Centre.

Today we go behind the scenes of her incredibly busy life to discover what is “alive’ for Catherine right now, the projects and people she is passionate about. Catherine shares her approach to radical self-care and why it is so important for us to embrace this as women and particularly as mothers.

Listen in as we talk through what it means to awaken and how the Enneagram can support a more profound sense of self-awareness enabling us to “tap into the magic” of life and fulfill our own individual potential. Catherine dives deep into the 9 different Enneagram types and how important it is for us to know our “INTENTIONS“ to understand ourselves and others better and form more resonant relationships.

If you have a growth mindset and are interested in learning more about yourself using the Enneagram, then this is a conversation you don’t want to miss. I suspect you’ll enjoy this deep, inspiring dialogue as much as I did.

Key Takeaway

  • Catherine’s insights into her own life and how it relates to yours
  • The magic of the Enneagram and the 9 types
  • The value of radical self-care and how important this is for us, especially if have a vision of change for the world
  • How to contemplate the truth of who you are
  • The need for women and mothers to get intentional about ourselves, so we don’t lose ourselves in relationships or in our work

Memorable Quote

“When we bring our sensory experience to the moment, our physical senses, and our action or inaction. I believe magic can happen. And I believe every time we utter a word, it is magical and has a ripple effect on our entire being, and other beings, and the planet. I believe everybody is an instrument to enable good, healthy magic to help serve humanity and the planet” — Catherine Bell”

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