What is it that you would most like to experience on this blog? How can we best serve you? Latest business thinking articles? Articles on Innovation? Something inspiring or something that really makes you think? Videos? What is it that this community would most like to learn and why do you visit us? We are […]


With the recent news of Volkswagen’s cheating, I wonder how we can do better and I remembered my conversation with Otto Scharmer. Otto is the author of Leading from the Emerging Future, Theory U, and Presence. He is a senior lecturer at MIT’s Sloan School of Management. He is the founding chair of the MIT IDEAS Program, […]

book launch

  Awaken. At a time in our world where our traditional business models have failed, The Awakened Company shows us a path to a sustainable model that energizes, sustains and energizes people, business, communities and our planet. Owl’s Nest Books is graciously hosting The Awakened Company’s first official book launch. The book launch event will take […]


Let’s get real, the evidence is brutal. Most likely your business will fail. Let’s investigate why and take action to prevent the human, environmental, and technological costs. Reasons for failure could include:  market shifts, more competition, lack of resources and expertise, disengaged employees, lack of a real strategy, low trust, and the list goes on. […]

People all over the world are defining what an Awakened Company is for them. Russ Hudson, a collaborator of THE AWAKENED COMPANY, and co-Founder of the Enneagram Institute out of New York and best-selling author, tells us what an awakened company is for him. Check out what others are are saying in the videos on […]

It is your birthright to awaken. To awaken is to become aware that you are more than your thoughts about yourself and the world. You experience deep fulfillment and a sense that you are connected with all people and things on this planet. To discover who you truly are is your primary purpose in this […]

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