Open the Castle to Truth
Liberate your powerful inner voice

We all wish to have our true self seen and heard.
How exactly do we do this?

Join Catherine Bell as she hosts Amazon best seller of Truthaches and psychotherapist Tamika Schilbe Cole in a dynamic conversation about speaking our truth in daily life. Healthy leadership, parenthood, friendships, and partnerships all long for truth, and many of us are longing for the depth within ourselves to be revealed. Sometimes we don’t even realize the struggles that can occur when we shy away from expressing ourselves. Yet speaking our truth is not always simple or easy to do. How do we honour our truth?

In this session we discuss what a “truthache” is, how to identify when we are having one, ways to manage our truthaches, and tools and practices to resolve them. This will be a 60-minute teaching followed by a 30-minute intimate question and answer. The teaching will be recorded and provided afterward.

Takeaways from this session will include:
How to identify our truthaches.
Why we get them and how they constantly push us to grow.
How to manage truthaches.
Practices to resolve truthaches.
How to speak so people listen.

You can purchase a copy of Tamika’s book here!


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