Unlocking Leadership Potential: The Journey to Self-Awareness with the Enneagram, from a dream to reality.

Unlocking Leadership Potential: The Journey to Self-Awareness with the Enneagram, from a dream to reality.

Unlocking Leadership Potential: The Journey to Self-Awareness with the Enneagram, from a dream to reality. 2560 1280 The Awakened Company

The majority of people are not self-aware. Surprising, isn’t it? Especially when research shows that the more self-aware we are, the higher performing we are as leaders.

So, the pressing question is: How can we become more self aware?

Self-awareness isn’t out of reach; it’s a skill we can all learn.

Here’s a personal anecdote that might shed some light on the matter. I had a dream the other night of various people teaching how to have a conscious life – yet each stood on a very weak foundation. One was in it for the money, another with an eating disorder and full of saccharine sweet unrealities, another a talking mouthpiece with no real home of their own, and lastly, one spoke with a loudspeaker. None of the leaders partially embodied. 

This dream was a teacher.  

What does this have to do with self-awareness?

What it has to do with self-awareness is I often give my ideas away – for example – I have recently been suggesting to people that we contemplate, what does “having a life” mean?

When suddenly I have this dream that someone has taken the idea and organized a workshop around it, and the people involved are less than fit to do so. The lesson for me is to be careful with my energy and use discernment with whom I am communicating what to. As someone with a lot of Enneagram Type 8 energy, I often communicate ideas for impact far too quickly with not enough discernment.

And this is where the Enneagram comes in, as a guide on our self-awareness journey. We use the Enneagram as one of our roadmaps to learn how to be more self-aware. Imagine we are all houses with different rooms, each representing an aspect of ourselves as defined by the Enneagram. 

We would have a specific room of the house that we prefer to stay in – our core Enneagram Type. It could be the kitchen, the bedroom, the library etc. and obviously there are doorways between the rooms. So, how can we move through each room of our house? Through self-awareness of who we are. 

The Enneagram invites us to explore our entire house, understanding our natural tendencies and discovering how we can move beyond them. This introspective tool helps us understand our inherent personality traits and behaviors. Additionally, seeking feedback from colleagues and peers is invaluable. Their perspectives offer a mirror to our own actions and thoughts, providing crucial external insights that contribute significantly to our journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

On this note, we are excited to announce our upcoming session on January 6th, dedicated to fostering self-awareness, with a special focus on the Enneagram. This session is an opportunity for individuals seeking to delve deeper into their own personalities and unlock their leadership potential. The Enneagram is more than a tool for self-analysis; it’s a pathway to personal evolution, enhancing your ability to lead and connect with others.

So, are you ready to join us on this enlightening adventure? Are you prepared to explore the various ‘rooms’ of your personality and uncover the insights they hold? You can register here: https://awakenedcompany.com/product/self-awareness-and-the-enneagram-for-millennials-and-gen-z/. We believe you will find great value in the teachings. 

Additionally, we specialize in bringing the transformative power of the Enneagram to business teams and through our executive coaching sessions. Understanding the Enneagram dynamics within a team setting can lead to profound improvements in communication, collaboration, and overall team performance. If you’re looking to elevate your team’s dynamics and drive organizational success, our tailored Enneagram sessions for businesses are the perfect solution.

Whether you’re an individual seeking personal growth or a business leader looking to enhance team effectiveness, our expertise in the Enneagram can guide you towards achieving these goals.

Check out our upcoming Enneagram sessions here: https://awakenedcompany.com/upcoming-events/

Blog written by Catherine Bell of The Awakened Company.

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