Free Enneagram History Series | Katherine Fauvre’s Interview with Catherine Bell

Free Enneagram History Series | Katherine Fauvre’s Interview with Catherine Bell

Free Enneagram History Series | Katherine Fauvre’s Interview with Catherine Bell 2560 1280 The Awakened Company

From Katherine Fauvre’s Youtube:

Catherine Bell is Riso Hudson Certified in the Enneagram, has a coaching certification from the Enneagram in Business, certified in the TOLAT, studied Tritype® with Enneagram Explorations, and studied with Dr. David Daniels. She has taught the Enneagram to hundreds of people and in corporations. She has an MBA, BA in Sociology, and is a certified yoga instructor.

Catherine Bell has more than 20 years experience as an entrepreneur. She built a top 10 organization in Alberta and top 200 company in Canada, and her organization was awarded a best workplace in Alberta. She also authored the Nautilus winning and best selling book, The Awakened Company. She has worked for a broad spectrum of business environments from large international corporations to universities to entrepreneurial organizations. Official website:

Katherine Chernick Fauvre’s contributions to the Enneagram community have been widely recognized and celebrated. She is a former International Enneagram Association (IEA) board member and is an IEA Accredited Professional Enneagram Teacher with Distinction. On May 16, 2023, she was inducted into the prestigious Who’s Who in America Biographical Registry, acknowledging her exceptional, original contributions and influence in the field. Later, on August 22, 2023, she was also honored with induction into the IAOTP, a testament to her standing as a top authority in her field.

Katherine’s accolades extended beyond these inductions; she was bestowed with the title of “Top Enneagram Coach of the Year,” a remarkable achievement recognizing her excellence in guiding individuals through their Enneagram journeys using her In-depth Inquiry Process, her work with Personal Empowerment, and the Transformational Coaching. Furthermore, she was awarded the distinction of “Best Business Consultant” for the City of Menlo Park, California, in October 2023, cementing her reputation as a transformative force in her local community. You can find more info at: – Take Katherine’s test here:

Tritype® refers to a 27-point typing system that is an advanced and more specific application of the Enneagram that was created and coined by Enneagram teacher, researcher, and coach, Katherine Chernick Fauvre. Tritype®, originally named 3Types, TriCenter, and Trigram, is based on Katherine’s theory that while individuals primarily use one Enneagram Type as their ‘core type,’ everyone actually employs three central Enneagram Types; the dominant Enneagram Type within each center of intelligence: the head (5,6,7), heart (2,3,4) and gut (8,9,1). These three types are used in a specific oscillating, repeating, and hierarchal stacking order. The type at the top of the stacking order is the ‘core’ Enneagram Type. In addition to using one dominant Enneagram type within the Tritype®, the three types within each Tritype® combine to create a “new” type unto itself which is one’s Tritype® Archetype. The mini definitions of all 27 Tritype® Archetypes can be found in the following website:


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