Women of Influence and The M Tribe

Women of Influence and The M Tribe

Women of Influence and The M Tribe 1800 1200 Catherine Bell

I recently attended a Global Women of Influence Dinner and it was fantastic.  To have a room full of incredible people in an intimate setting was very meaningful.  To truly connect with people, we all need time and space for one on one conversations and this is what this event allowed for.

I had the opportunity to meet Women of Influence’s new co-CEO’s, Alicia Skalin (formerly VP Events & Marketing) and Stephania Varalli (forWomen of Influencemerly VP Content) and am excited to see what they have in store for all of us.

Here is a statistical overview of women’s involvement in the workplace. We can do better in regards to women’s advancement. In a recent White Paper with Thomson Reuters, Women of Influence suggest the following solutions to women’s advancement in the workplace:

  1. Women of InfluenceMake Gender Intelligence a strategic imperative
  2. Show conduct and character exemplary of a gender intelligent leader
  3. Embed Gender Intelligence into all hiring processes and practices
  4. Embed gender intelligence in all promoting practices including succession planning
  5. Declare your intention to be a gender intelligence organization
  6. Generate a strong female leadership pipeline
  7. Provide support, guidance, and leadership training for women
  8. Generate gender intelligent understanding and behaviours throughoute the organization
  9. Embed gender intelligence in all customer and client facing efforts.

Women of InfluenceWomen of Influence

M Tribe

M is open for business Women of Influenceand we want to let you know about it.  Their mission is to make the benefits of meditation available to every workplace leader, team, and employee.  The people involved in M are people like JP in Calgary, Alison Raby in San Francisco, and Rachel in Seattle. If you are interested in a 12 week meditation program, please check them out here and here.

Meditation is one key to awakening your self and a corporate meditation program is another key to awakening your organization. These are regenerative practices, which I discuss in my book, The Awakened Company.

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