Legacy – Awakened Leaders Vlog

Legacy – Awakened Leaders Vlog

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Legacy with ATB’s Chief Evangelist, Lorne Rubis

Legacy is the topic of discussion with our current guest on our Awakened Leaders Vlog, Lorne Rubis, ATB Financial’s Chief Evangelist. This part 6 of 12 of our interview with Lorne.

In this interview, Lorne discusses legacy and what he wants to leave behind for future generations.


About ATB Financial

ATB believes they can transform banking. Reimagine it, making banking work for people. They carry the outrageous belief that banking can change people’s lives for the better. Making their time richer and their aspirations closer.
They do things that other banks wouldn’t do. They are loyal to their customers, are relentlessly inventive and steadfastly geniune in their pursuit of Albertans’ greater good by using banking to CREATE HAPPINESS.
Happiness is their purpose.
Read more here.

About Lorne Rubis

As Chief Evangelist, Lorne Rubis, is responsible for leading change within ATB as the organization sets out to be number one in local markets, become THE place to work and further entrench itself in the hearts of Albertans.

What makes Lorne such a great match for ATB is that he doesn’t fit the mold of a traditional HR person. As a general manager, facilitator, consultant and entrepreneur, Lorne’s diverse career has focused on driving organizational change and performance improvement for public and private companies on a global level.   Lorne received an education degree from the University of Alberta (he even played Golden Bears Football) and started out his career as a teacher. He then completed a Masters of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from the University of Oregon and went on to hold senior leadership roles in a number of tech companies in the US – and attention, hockey fans – a stint with the Los Angeles Kings.  Most recently, Lorne was the President and CEO of Ryzex, a mobile technology services company based in Washington and the United Kingdom.

His journey has sparked a passion for personal leadership and living life with character. He writes frequently about getting the most out of work and life situations through a focus on Respect, Abundance and Accountability – the three tenants of The Character Triangle, also the title of his book. Lorne loves working with people and is passionate about inspiring ATB associates to be even better.

He is also honored to be on the Advisory Board of The Thrive Center at Fullerton in Pasadena. The mission is to promote the concept and behavior of thriving, especially amongst youth.  Lorne and Kathleen, his wife/partner of 41 years, have three children and one grandchild. They spend their time between Edmonton, Alberta and Mercer Island, Washington.

Learn more about Lorne here.

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