Commitment – Awakened Leaders Vlog with Joel Solomon

Commitment – Awakened Leaders Vlog with Joel Solomon

Commitment – Awakened Leaders Vlog with Joel Solomon 2560 1702 Catherine Bell

Commitment and examination as keys to becoming an Awakened Leader are the topics on this week’s Awakened Leaders Vlog with author and mission venture capitalist, Joel Solomon.

An Awakened Leader

In this interview, Joel discusses an examined inner life and a commitment to being the best contributor that we possibly can, results in a leader who is more comfortable with transparency, directness, love, kindness and generosity, and helping people lift to their highest performance and behaviours because there is meaning and purpose to it. It results in an Awakened Leader.

On Relationships and Relatedness

Catherine and Joel also discuss suggestions for building better relationships and relatedness with one another.

This is part 5 of 6 in our interview series with Joel. Part 6 will be out next week.


About Joel’s Book – The Clean Money Revolution

The Clean Money Revolution calls for the reinvention of power, purpose and capitalism, that will generate the biggest money making opportunity in history.

$50 trillion will change hands from Boomers to Millennials in North America alone by 2050. It will remake the world. We are ancestors of the future. We must know what our money does to people and places, then take actions to align our dollars with our values.

Read more here.

About Joel Solomon

Joel is Co-Founder and Chair of Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest mission venture capital firm, with $98m under management. Renewal Funds invests in Organics and Envirotech.

With Founder + Funder Carol Newell, Joel implemented a “whole portfolio activation to mission” strategy as leader of her “activist family office”. As ED of the Endswell Foundation they spent down a $20m endowment, leaving Tides Canada Foundation and Hollyhock as legacy charities while supporting BC’s renowned environmental community.

As CEO of Renewal Partners‘ seed capital fund over $10m was placed into dozens of green companies.


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